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Have you ever thought about how your house would look without a gate? Can you provide guaranteed security to your family without the main gate? The answer is no! An attractive gate not only increases the value of your house but also makes it unique from others. If you want to replace or repair your residential or garage gates, you are at the right place. Just call for Garage Door Repairing Services in San Antonio, TX.

The various services we provide

Garage doors installation

Just like your residential gates, garage doors provide security to your vehicle. So, you must update your garage with the advanced doors we provide. A bold garage door not only makes your garage attractive but also enhances the beauty of your entire house. We provide the best material for garage door installation at a convenient price. Just call for Garage Door Installation Services in San Antonio.

Garage door repair

Garage doors are subjected to wear and tear in course of time. A garage door consists of various parts such as rollers, springs, etc. which get damaged due to improper maintenance and insufficient lubrication. If you are facing any type of problems relayed to your garage doors, you can surely contact us for the best garage door repairing service

Garage door replacement

Every material has its expiry date. It doesn’t matter what is the quality of your garage door, it will show several symptoms in course of time. Sometimes, repairing your garage door can be much more costly as compared to its replacement. Another advantage of replacing your old door is that you get a warranty for a stipulated time. We provide the best materials, as well as our experienced professionals can replace your garage door and install a new one with the same accuracy and precision. Just call for Garage Door Replacement in San Antonio for efficient service.

Commercial and residential gate installation services

Just like your garage, we take care of your house and office too. We provide the best residential and commercial gates installation services. We are here to meet all the demands of your clients. Other than this, our services include a thorough inspection of your and our experts can recommend the best gates for your house and office. Not only they are long-lasting but also cheaper as compared to other gates.

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Having trouble in insulation of your garage door? Here is the solution

Energy-efficient R-18 insulated garage doors can keep your garage 12 degrees warmer in the winter season and up to 25 degrees cooler in summer, this s the result o a study conducted by garage doors manufacturers. Insulation of walls reduces energy loss along with the insulated ceiling and walls. Insulation of garage doors helps in keeping the temperature inside the garage in control which keeps the cars and other vehicles at normal temperature. Other things like paint, leather, and plastic surfaces of the garage are also safeguarded from aging prematurely due to the insulation of garage doors. 

While modern insulated doors are made up of wood or aluminum, where less focus is stressed on insulation. Insulation of garage doors is very necessary and must be done to keep the things inside the garage safe. Garage Doors Maintenance Service in San Antonio, TX offers the best garage doors insulation services at an affordable price.

There are various methods known for insulating a garage door which include foam board insulation, spray foam insulation, Cellulose insulation, and reflective insulation. These are the very common insulation methods followed by many professionals. People often try to do insulation of doors themselves and end up creating mess and problems for them. People who are involved in this profession know how to manage things in this job and complete it perfectly.  

 If your intention is to avoid all the chaos that will be created during the process of insulation then the best option for you is to buy pre-insulated doors. Garage Door Installation Services in San Antonio, TX has the best range of garage doors at an affordable price. This company also offers after-purchase services. Mojo Garage Doors Company has the best range of products available with them. The services offered by this company are reliable and trusted by many customers. Garage door installation and its servicing, both the things are not offered by many companies, but Mojo Garage Doors offers both services that too at an affordable price.

Get in touch with Mojo Garage Doors Company to get your garage door insulated and make your garage safer.

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Type of garage door insulation

Insulation of a garage door helps in maintaining the temperature inside the garage which further helps in maintaining the balance of temperature of other things inside the garage like cars, and paints. The insulation of garage doors is very necessary and it is the most important thing which should b done at the time of installation of garage doors only. Contact Garage Doors Maintenance Services in San Antonio, TX to get your garage door insulated today.

There are different methods through which a garage door is insulated which will be discussed below.

  • Foam Board Insulation- This is the most effective way to insulate a garage door. In this method, thin and rigid high insulating panels are used to insulate the doors. It helps in managing the temperature inside the garage very well. It is the most used method.
  • Spray Foam Insulation- This is not the most effective method but still, it has given successful results many times. The insulating foam is sprayed onto the garage door. The same type of foam is also sprayed against roof sheathing from the inside to increase the efficiency of an attic.
  • Cellulose Insulation- This is the most expensive option that is why this is n the last of the list. It shows the most effective results and it must be sprayed on the doors of the garage. It provides much better results than the spray foam insulation method. Though it is the most expensive one, it is the method which should be followed to insulate garage doors due to t its efficiency.

Insulating a garage door makes the vehicles and other things inside a garage safer. 24/7 Garage Doors Services in San Antonio, TX offers the best door insulation services in the city. The technicians of Mojo Garage Door Company are highly qualified and skilled in their work. Different methods of insulating a garage door are discussed above. All types of methods are followed by Mojo Garage Company and are offered to customers according to their budget.

Get in touch with Mojo Garage Door Company to get your garage door insulated at an affordable and best price.

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Top benefits of buying a new garage door

Installing a new garage door can bring so many new benefits. If you are someone who is not able to decide whether to invest in the new garage door or not. To clear your doubt, we have figured out some top benefits of buying and installing a new garage door. Let’s have a look at the top benefits of buying a new garage door.

  1. Increases the Value of Property- Just by adding a new and beautiful garage, the value of your property can be increased. This is especially true if your garage is completely damaged. A new and beautiful garage adds to the beauty of a house which attracts every person.
  • Improves Safety- A new garage not only adds to the beauty of the house but also increases the safety and security of the valuables kept inside the garage. The new garage comes with some standard features which include photo eye sensors and reversing mechanisms. Get your new garage door from Garage Door Installation Services in San Antonio, TX at the best possible price.
  • Reduces Maintenance Cost- An old garage door might need more maintenance than a new one. There are lots of problems which occur in a garage door like repainting the whole door or the iron of the door starts rusting. A new garage door will save your time and as well as your money.
  • Better Performance- A person can expect better performance from a new garage door. A new door opens smoothly as compared to the old one and also creates less noise. Overall performance of a new garage door is better than an old one which gives a strong reason to buy a new door. Best 24/7 Garage Door Services in San Antonio, TX offers you the best doors at affordable prices.

The above-listed benefits of having a new garage door are enough to clear all of your doubts and confusion. Mojo Garage Doors Company offers the best garage doors at affordable prices and their services are delivered fast. The services offered by the professionals of this company have garnered the trust of many satisfied customers.

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Installation of a new garage door

A garage door is a very important part of a house. It ensures the safety and security of your vehicles parked inside the garage. It is very important to have a strong garage door. A garage door also adds to the beauty of your house and makes it more attractive. Garage doors come in different price ranges and different designs.

A new garage door has several benefits as compared to old doors. Following are some of the benefits of a new garage door.

  • Increases the beauty of the house- A new garage door enhances the beauty of your house. Designs are upgraded continuously which is the reason why you should change the garage doors after some time. New and upgraded designs come in the market every year which are more reliable and beautiful.
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost- New doors require less maintenance as compared to old doors. Periodic servicing and repairs of doors is costly affairs. Install a new garage door to reduce your maintenance cost.

A new garage door weighs anywhere from 250 lbs to 400 lbs, due to this it becomes very difficult for a person to install it on their own. 24/7 Garage Door Services in San Antonio, TX can help you out in this situation. Mojo Garage Door has the best team of technicians who can install a new garage door comfortably and help you to save a lot of time. They are equipped with the latest and advanced tools which are required for the installation of a door. It is very important to install a garage door very accurately because if it is not done perfectly it might create problems in the future. Get in touch with Mojo Garage Doors Company to install a new garage door at your house. They offer a wide range of beautiful and reliable garage doors at affordable prices. Their services are trusted by many customers.

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How to get your garage doors repaired?

A garage is a place where we park our vehicles and other related items. The cars and bikes that we buy after saving lots of money are kept in a garage. The garage should be secured enough to keep the vehicles safe and secure. A strong and nice garage door ensures the safety and security of the vehicles and the other valuables kept inside the garage.

A new garage door functions very well and it is very hard to break into it. But after the passage of some years, its condition starts deteriorating which means it requires some repair and servicing. All the garage door manufacturers don’t provide repair services, but Mojo Garage Doors provides the best Garage Door Repairing Services in San Antonio, TX. A garage door should be in working condition as well so that the owner of the garage doesn’t face many problems while opening it.

There are various causes of problems in a garage door. It may happen because the iron paint has vanished, or the lubricant in it has dried up. These problems are easy to detect but a normal household doesn’t have enough resources to solve this problem. Professional mechanics of the garage doors have ideas and experience in repairing these doors. Mojo Garage Doors offers the Best 24/7 Garage Doors Services in San Antonio, TX. Over the years this company has been trusted by many satisfied customers by offering their fast and reliable services.

Sometimes, garage doors stop working suddenly which hinders the day-to-day works of the owners. Mojo Garage Doors Company offers their emergency services as well. They have a fast response team that informs the team about your location and problems immediately. Their team of technicians reaches out to your place in the least possible time. Their team consists of people who are skilled and highly qualified for this job. They do the repairing and servicing of garage doors with full perfection and they also try to not leave any scope for complaint as well. Even, after availing of their services if you have any problem, they try to solve that problem without charging any extra money.

Reach out to Mojo Garage doors to get a solution to all your problems related to garage doors.


When should you avoid installing a garage door all by yourself?

There are a lot of people who love installing gadgets themselves. If you have a technical bent of mind and are one of those people who prefer going to YouTube or following a Do it yourself guide rather than calling a technician whenever you need to install something, then this red alert is for you “Never try installing garage doors yourself”

Why should you call Garage Door Installation Services in San Antonio, TX?

Garage doors may seem easy to install from a distance, but even a tiny technical error can lead to a massive accident. Here are four reasons why you should hire Garage Door Installation Services in San Antonio, TX, instead of trying to install the garage door yourself. 

You don’t have the much-needed experience.

Experience plays a significant role when establishing a gage door, especially if you are installing a garage door in your factory or office.  Commercial Garage Door Services in San Antonio, TX, has a team of highly committed professionals who have ample experience installing garage doors in commercial areas. 

You may not have the necessary tools.

Not everything can be installed with bare hands. To establish a garage door, you need to have the necessary tools. You might be having the tools, but they might not be for your door. Usually, people keep miniature tools for light work at home. These tools are not designed to install real-time garage doors. Not using the correct tools can increase the risk of accidents. 

Home Garage Door Installations & Maintenance in San Antonio plays an essential role in installing garage doors. They have a team of experts who come well equipped when they are given a call.

Reduce the risk of accidents

When you are installing your garage door yourself, you are exposing yourself to risk. There are high chances that the installation has not been done correctly, but experts who offer 24/7 Garage Door Services in San Antonio, TXensure the installation is done correctly. They also take necessary safety measures to ensure they do not get hurt while installing the garage doors. 

Professional service provider provides warranties.

You can avail warranty when you are getting your garage door installed by Home Garage Door Installations & Maintenance in San Antonio, which is not possible if you install it yourself.To get your garage door installed by professionals, call Mojo Garage Doors are at your doorstep.