Torsion springs are the most common type of spring in a garage door system. The torsion spring is attached to the header (or head) of your garage and the opposite end of the spring is attached to your garage door. Torsion springs are typically sized based on the weight of your garage door, which can range from 1/4 ton to 2 tons. The weight rating is stamped into the side of each torsion spring.

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The torsion spring has two coils that when twisted, produce energy that lifts and lowers your garage door. When installing new torsion springs, it’s important that you match the proper size for your garage door. If you have an older-style garage door with exposed torsion springs, it may be possible to purchase a replacement set or even just one coil if one breaks or stretches out over time. However newer style doors use hidden torsion springs which reduces maintenance by hiding them away inside the header box where they cannot be seen or easily accessed.
If your garage door still works but it is hard to open or close, then chances are that your torsion springs need replacing. The most common reason for this is that they have lost their elasticity over time due to constant use and exposure to different weather conditions.

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The best way to ensure that your torsion springs last longer is by maintaining them properly by lubricating them every six months during the spring and fall seasons. You should also inspect them regularly for signs of wear such as cracks or rusting which indicate imminent failure in order to avoid any inconveniences later on down the road.
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22:36 27 Jan 22
This service was amazing. I give my praise to Moses, he was very courteous and explained everything to me in a simple easy-to-digest manner. I appreciate his service. I will not hesitate to call again. Thank you!
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09:26 26 Jan 22
Incredible service! Awesome prices! Every person I spoke to was kind, respectful, professional, and efficient. Replaced my door in hours and they followed up to inspect the door a week later! Did such a great job and couldn't be happier.
Melissa BrumbalowMelissa Brumbalow
16:42 22 Jan 22
Moses is great! He has helped me out twice, once after hours. I can’t say enough good things about him. Super nice and very helpful! Thanks again for the help, Moses!! Loving my new garage door opener!
18:32 10 Jan 22
I first contacted Mojo Garage Door when my previous garage door company did not return my call and I'm so glad they didn't!! I found this company through google search "garage door repair near me". I spoke to Moses about our garage door opener issues and he explained why it might be happening and EVEN recommended some things we could do to possibly correct! I was so impressed with his willingness to help solve it over the phone! Needless to say, we decided to go ahead and hire this company to install a new system. Moses showed up when he said he would and he delivered exceptional service!!! We are extremely satisfied with the service and the system. Moses was also very helpful in assisting us with the use of the app and its operation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mojo Garage Door Repair!
Joselyn AlumkalJoselyn Alumkal
17:38 03 Jan 22
We have used them several times, and are very happy with the service. They always come out within 24 hours and get the garage door fixed the same day. Always on time, professional, and very helpful with setting up the app on the phone and programming the codes in our cars.

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