A loud bang often indicates that the spring on your garage door has shattered, much like the sound of an exploding firework. If the tension spring near your door is fractured, that's an unmistakable sign the spring above the garage door has broken. These springs principally lift your garage door. If the torsion spring is busted, the door will not go up. Trying to raise your garage door at this point is very hazardous and doing so can damage your garage door opener. Additionally, don't try to open garage door with broken spring by hand-- garage doors can commonly weigh 150 to 250 pounds or more and without the spring you could be at an increased risk for injury.

In the scenario that your garage door spring has failed, call Mojo Garage Door Service instead of attempting to repair them yourself. The garage door is subjected to continual tension and weight, so replacing the springs on your own is extremely dangerous. A professional garage door techinician will also be able to recommend the appropriate new spring for your garage door.

Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

Springs, like all other mechanical components, wear out. While most homeowners desire their garage door parts to endure forever and operate effectively and predictably, springs have an expiration date. Many businesses choose the cheapest garage doors available, implying torsion and extension springs with shorter lifespans. Torsion spring life is determined by how often the garage door is used known as its cycle

Springs that are low-quality can only endure 7,500 cycles and must be changed every three to five years. Higher-quality springs may have a 10,000 cycle lifespan and last 15 years. The following factors influence the longevity of your springs:

Wear and Tear: 10,000 cycles may seem like a lot of garage door opening and closing, but most homeowners open their doors at least twice per day. If you go on many errands or if your children use the garage frequently, that can quickly increase its usage.

Chemical Exposure: Springs are also susceptible to the environment and weather conditions, specifically rain, snow and ice. All these elements can speed up corrosion, rust and deterioration of the springs. Rust causes garage door springs to deteriorate much more quickly. The rust increases the friction on the coil, which eventually destroys its structural integrity. Apply WD-40 to the springs twice a year to prevent rust and keep the coil well-lubricated.

Inadequate Maintenance: Regular maintenance will extend the life of your garage door; therefore, check all moving components and keep them lubricated as needed. Check the balance of your garage door at least once a year to assess the condition of your springs. The door should be lifted halfway and then allowed to rest - good springs will keep the door motionlessly in place, while worn-out springs will allow it to sag or fall.

Trust Mojo Garage Door With Your Maintenance and Repair Needs

If you have a broken spring, call Mojo Garage Door Service right away for repair. We can assist you with your garage door repairs to avoid the danger of additional damage or a garage door spring injury. Most experts recommend having your garage door serviced at least once a year. For the greatest and most dependable garage door maintenance and repairs in San Antonio, contact Mojo Garage Doors. We have over ten years of garage door expertise and can service your garage door promptly and effectively. Call us today at (210) 997-7777 to receive a free quote or fill out our online contact form.