Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster is the exclusive garage door counterbalance system that safely and cleanly contains springs inside a steel tube. The TorqueMaster design helps prevent injury that could result from the accidental release of tension and includes an anti-drop safety device. This sleek-looking metal tube is perfect for hiding your springs so they don't get dirty or grime on them.

Many people have found themselves floundering with the Wayne Dalton Torquemaster system that they conjectured would provide them with a more durable garage door. Although there are some benefits in using them there are also some drawbacks. Because of the complexities involved it is often a simpler solution to just work with a company such as Mojo Garage Doors Repair San Antonio which specializes in Torquemaster to torsion spring conversion. 

Torquemaster springs Vs. Torsion Springs

Wayne Dalton's Torquemaster springs are stored in a hollow tube, so you can't actually see them when examining your garage. With most spring systems there will be some sort of indicator that tells if it needs replacing or not, however with these hidden away from view they might as well just break and come off without any warning at all. The only way you can tell that your garage door is broken is if something doesn't work properly, which may not always occur.

For example, if you have a two-car garage door and only one of those springs has failed then the other could still work. The Wayne Dalton doors are generally lightweight, so some higher-end openers may still be able to operate with just one working spring. However, with one broken spring, the garage door motor has to carry more weight which will cause it to wear out sooner than with a healthy system. This could lead you to need repairs or replacements sooner than usual.

Torsion springs are usually installed above the garage door and parallel to its threshold.  Unlike Wayne Dalton’s Torquemaster, you can see torsion springs clearly because there's no hiding place for any tubing, which makes this design easier to spot when you have a broken spring.

Torsion springs provide a great deal of value, and all garage door technicians are adept at working on them. When something is wrong with your garage door, you might not be able to tell what caused the problem unless there are visible signs. That's why we recommend hiring a professional garage door service near you so they can check everything out and will give you an exact estimate on how much the TorqueMaster to torsion spring conversion will cost.

We will convert your  Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster to Torsion Spring quickly 

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster garage door openers are incredibly popular because they are durable and easy to use. However, if you're looking for a more reliable and quiet option, you may want to consider converting your TorqueMaster to a torsion spring system. 

Since the cost of a garage door torsion spring conversion will be almost equivalent to that cost of spring repair Torquemaster arrangement it will be wiser to go ahead and proceed with a Wayne Dalton garage door spring replacement. Mojo Garage Door Repair San Antonio is the expert and the best choice for your garage door problems and garage door torsion spring conversion no matter what type. Reach out to us for a consultation so that you can better understand the issues that you might be facing and the best way to get things repaired and operating properly in the least amount of time.