A garage door conversion is a big project for any homeowner, but it can be well worth the time and effort. Garage doors are one of the most important features of a garage because they keep everything inside locked up tight when you're not home. But garage doors have come a long way from their humble beginnings as simple wooden planks that swung open on hinges to reveal an empty garage floor. Today's garage door options include rolling steel panels with windows in them - some even roll up into the ceiling! If your standard lift garage door has outlived its usefulness, then maybe it's time for a full vertical garage door conversion!

How Vertical-Lift and High-Lift Garage Doors Work

On a high lift garage door, the curved portion of the track is above an added piece that extends vertically. Industrial warehouses often use vertical lift garage doors to provide efficient space usage. See our recent projects here.

The two primary differences between high-lift and standard garage doors are in how they're designed. Standard lift doors have a shorter, thinner track that rests at the bottom of the curved portion. High lift feature an extra-long straight section above where your car would be when you close it up - this gives them more space to open without damaging any nearby objects. The vertical lift garage door has no curved portions of its track, so it opens straight up and at a slight angle backward to let the door close as a wedge. 

High-lift and vertical-lift garage doors need different cable drums for the reason that they open differently. Standard-lift cable drums are flat, unlike vertical cable drums. The common feature of high-lift cable drums is it consists of both vertical-lift and standard lift cable drums.

Converting Standard Lift Garage Door to a Full Vertical Garage Door

Is your garage door the standard lift style that goes up and down? If you're looking for a more convenient way to use your garage, you may want to consider converting it to a full vertical garage door.  If you're in the Houston area, we can help! Our experienced technicians can quickly and easily convert your door, giving you all of the benefits of a vertical lift garage door. Plus, we offer competitive pricing and reliable garage door service, so you can rest assured that your conversion will be done properly and affordably. 

Full Vertical Garage Door goes up and down in a single motion, making it much easier to get in and out of your garage. In addition, a full vertical garage door takes up less space than a standard lift door, so it's perfect for smaller garages. If you're interested in converting your garage door, contact Mojo Garage Door.

Your garage door conversion will break at some time. If this occurs, you'll need the assistance of a skilled professional who can come to your rescue. We at Mojo Garage Door Repair have made it our duty to provide you with the broken garage door replacement services you may need to enhance the condition of your garage. It would be best to think about the garage door replacement cost before deciding to replace a garage conversion.

Mojo Garage Door are garage door experts and garage door lift experts. We have been in the garage door business for many years! We know all about garage doors, garage door lifts, garage doors openers, etc. If you're looking to convert your standard garage door into a full vertical garage door, or simply need a maintenance service then we can help you out with that!