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Why do we need to maintain garage doors?

A garage door is made up of iron and other delicate materials and all these are very delicate materials. Garage doors need proper and timely maintenance because it starts getting rusted if we don’t take care of them. There are certain signs which show that the garage door needs some repairs and services. Usually, if the garage door is regularly maintained and checked then the chances of any damage to the garage reduces. The maintenance of a garage door includes painting, lubricating, checking the tracks, and checking the rollers of the garage door.

These all efforts can enhance the life span of the garage door. There are certain common practices to maintain the condition of a good working garage door. Following are those methods that help in maintaining the condition of a garage door.

  1. Check the Tracks – The tracks of a garage door attract debris very fast because of lubricants. It is advisable to check the tracks of a garage door regularly and clear its debris so that it keeps functioning properly. 

  2. Lubricating – The garage door functions by moving up and down. So it is very obvious to keep the moving parts of the garage door lubricating so that the parts keep on moving.

  3. Paint the Door – The doors are made up of steel, iron, or it will be a glass door. Regular cleaning of these materials helps in letting us know which part of it needs repairing or needs to be painted. Painting the garage door regularly saves metals from any kind of damages and also keeps the beauty of the door alive.

These all measures must be taken to keep the life of a garage door on. The main problem is that no one has time to perform all these tasks. Mojo Garage Door is a company that offers Garage Door Maintenance Services in San Antonio, TX at a reasonable price. This company is very well known by many customers because of the quality of services they offer. They have the best team for the job which is perfect for doing all the tasks.  Reach out to the representatives of Mojo Garage Doors for any services related to Home Garage Door Installations & Maintenance in San Antonio, TX.

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Garage Doors and Gates- Know about them

Our company has over 35 years of business experience with thousands of very satisfied customers. We continue to work as hard and diligently as possible so that we can provide thebest 24/7 garage door services in San Antonio, TX.We also provide excellent gate installation services along with the garage door service.

Why Garage Doors and Gates?

You may wonder what makes us one of the best in the field. Then to answer that we have many qualities which makes us unique or better than most of the other companies which include professional and expert garage doors and gates contractor. And we are all trained and have a license which makes us experts in dealing with every problem that the customer encounters with the garage gates and doors. Our utmost priority is to help the customers with their projects and repairs after which the issues are analysed completely to provide the best possible solution while keeping the client’s requirements in the mind.

After everything is done, the main satisfaction is the end goal on which we work hard to ensure that it is accomplished. On top of all those things, we are a certified company which guarantees satisfaction, and we are also a very precise builder which provides excellent customer support as well. If you choose us, you can get the following benefits-

  • Flexible Schedule- We are one of the best companies which provide commercial garage door services in San Antonio, TX. We work on the time suitable for you after setting an appointment that works best with your schedule.
  • Affordable Packages– In the business we are known to provide the best competitive prices which can work with most of the budgets.
  • Special Offer- We provide many promotions or sales for any shopping mall which means that you can get the best and the cheapest prices possible.

Their Vision

We would not stop unless customers are completely satisfied, which makes us one of the top garage door opener repairs in SAN Antonio, TX. To get Garage Door Maintenance Services in San Antonio, TX call us on our registered mobile number.

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How do we know its time to service a factory garage door?

Unlike home garage doors that are seldom opened and closed, factory garage doors are more often used. It is opened and completed multiple times in a day. If you wonder when the right time to service a factory door is, here are a few signs that will tell you that it is time to service your garage. It is strange but true that a garage used regularly requires minor servicing than a seldom-used garage. This is because when you open a garage door regularly, it keeps the leavers greased, and if the doors are kept closed for a long time, then there are chances that you might have to call a Commercial Garage Door Services in San Antonio, TX to get your garage back in shape. 

3 Signs that tell you that your garage door needs to be serviced

  • Your garage door is stuck – There are situations when you will see that the door is not opening smoothly, or you may feel the door is stuck. It is advised not to open the garage door; instead, give Garage Door Maintenance Services in San Antonio, TX a call. Some professionals are just a phone call away from you. They check the doors and then use appliances to open them instead of opening them with bare hands.

  • Your garage door is opening halfway – You might have noticed there are times when we see the garage door opener just halfway. Despite repeated trials, the door does not open fully. A halfway garage door can cause hindrance in your way while you are trying to park your car in the garage. There are chances that you might end up scratching or denting the vehicle while taking it out through a half-opened garage door. This is where Garage Door Maintenance Services in San Antonio, TX, play an essential role.

  • The door is not responding despite the motor running – If you had spent a hefty amount to convert your garage door into an automated entry, but now you see the door is not opening despite the motor running, it is time to give Commercial Garage Door Services in San Antonio, TXa call

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