Is your garage too small to fit both of your cars? Have you been considering door conversion? If so, then you have come to the right place! Here at Mojo Garage Doors, we can help you raise your garage door tracks and convert your single car garage door into a hi-lift double car garage door as well as vertical lift garage door conversion. We offer 8500w openers and provide all of the necessary installation services.

We know what it's like to have an extra garage door, and we're here for you! Our professional service technicians at Mojo Garage Doors can convert your existing two-way into one that meets all of your needs with ease.

Can you replace two single garage doors with a double?

If you have a large garage, it's likely that you have two single garage doors. This can be a bit of a hassle, as you're not able to make use of the full width of your garage. If you are wondering if you can replace two single garage doors with a double, then the answer is yes you can convert your two single garage doors to one large double garage door. This will allow you to utilize the full width of your garage and get more storage space in the process.

Double garage doors are becoming more popular as cars grow in size. A traditional single door isn't always big enough to fit today's larger models, so many people want a conversion instead of just replacing their old ones with newer designs that may not match decorating schemes or vibes alike.

A two-door system was first used decades ago by drivers on smaller vehicles who needed access from both sides while remaining close together due to the distance between them. These days though most folks have purchased SUVs which tend towards being much bigger, as such converting this type has become increasingly common since it offers greater convenience without losing any space. See our full list of previous work here.

Benefits of Double Garage Door

Double garage doors allow for wider vehicles to enter, and they provide additional walking space. They also update the appearance of your home with their sleek style while making it easier than ever before. Double garages are great because you don't need two openers just the best one such as the Liftmaster 8500W. Other benefits include increased accessibility and streamlined operation.

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