Extension springs are a great way to store energy and create tension. They're normally attached at both ends with other components, which means when that move apart from each other the spring tries its best to bring them back together again by coiling up tighter than before.

The role of the garage door spring is to increase the door lifting capacity when the time comes. That is why it is essential to ensure that the springs are in the correct position. If the spring breaks, it refuses to lift with the door opener. A garage door without springs may also cause challenges when trying to open it.

Extension springs on garage door systems play an important role in the overall functionality of the door. They help to keep components under tension and in place. But like all mechanical parts, extension springs can break. When they do, it's important to know how to handle the situation safely and efficiently.

Can I replace the broken extension spring by myself?

The garage door without springs is an indication that your door has been broken.  If you ever notice that your door is heavier than usual, this could be an indication there is something wrong with its spring and needs to be replaced. We all know how frustrating it is when our garage door springs break. You might be surprised at just what kinds of dangers are involved in repairing them on your own, so don’t try anything too risky. 

If you want the job done right and quickly with no hassle or danger leave it to the experts at Mojo Garage Doors Repair San Antonio. We are experienced professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to get a broken garage door spring done safely and efficiently. You can count on us to get your garage door back up and running in no time.

Repairing a garage door spring depends on how confident you feel. However, this will take you a long time. If the springs are not installed properly, it could pose a security risk to your garage door users over time. So you need to make sure the extension spring is well stabilized.

Fast Service Garage Door Spring Repair

If you are looking for garage door spring replacement in San Antonio, then hiring a professional garage door service is very safe and easy. Mojo Garage Door Repair San Antonio will not just fix the issue quickly and efficiently but will provide you with an affordable service. We help both homeowners as well businesses protect themselves from costly repairs by providing emergency services in case something goes wrong. Our experienced and honest repair team is ready to provide you with the safest garage door extension spring repair service and make sure the spring is working correctly. You only need to trust and expect high-quality services. For a list of our most recent garage door projects click here.

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