The frustration of putting garage door back on track can cause major problems. From accidents with injuries and property damage, it's important not to forcefully pull down a jammed door as serious damage will be done to your roller skate if you don't take care of it. A bent vertical track is one issue, but popping out of the rollers can lead to much worse consequences. But what would you do if the garage door came off track? Before you panic, there's a good chance that all you need is a quick and easy door off track repair. 

Here at Mojo Garage Door Repair San Antonio, we can help how to get the garage door back on track in no time! Keep reading to learn more about our services or give us a call today to schedule an appointment. 

Steps on how to fix garage door track

Disconnect the  garage door opener

To start the process, check overhead for a rope that connects your opener and door. Pull-on this cord in order to release it from its hinges then operate manually.

Open the door manually

After you make sure that the door is completely released from the opener, start lifting it to open manually. You never know what might happen when you're opening a heavy door, so it's best to have an extra person around. If possible get two or more people who can help out if something goes wrong.

Observe and Locate the jamming wheels

Locate the garage door wheel off track and close the door, then open it again if you do not immediately spot them. This task may be challenging for someone who's never done this before, so make sure to call expert technicians in San Antonio.

Put a stop on the tracks

Once you have located the jamming wheels, snap your locking pliers beneath one of their tracks to stop it from progressing any further. 

Bring wheels back to track

When you're sure that the tracks are secure, grab hold of their outer edge using a pair of pliers and pull it. This gives a little space in which to get your wheels back onto track.

Work on the track

Next, hit the track with a rubber mallet until it's positioned back on. This should return your door back on track.

Manually test the door

To make sure that your door is working properly and in balance, remove the lock pliers from its track. Move it up or down using both hands to see if there's any interference with how easily you can open and close them comfortably.

Test the automatic opener

When you are certain that the door is operating well manually and hanging straight, try using an opener. Get a remote control for your device so it can be activated by pressing its button rhythmically until all functions run their course from opening to closing as well as releasing back onto hinges if necessary.

Go for garage door service near you

When the door doesn't open at all after pressing the remote button, hanging crookedly, jerking, or making a grinding noise when you move it, this could mean there is something wrong with your door. Contacting a professional garage door service such as Mojo Garage Door Repair San Antonio will help a great deal.

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