Garage door openers are devices that assist you to close and open the garage door with the help of switches fitted on the garage wall. These devices tend to last long under the right conditions, and according to experts, a garage door opener lifespan is between 10 to 15 years. However, garage door openers can serve you for up to twenty years with the correct and timely maintenance. If you feel that your opener has served you for quite a long time or is faulty, contact Mojo Garage Doors, a professional garage door company in San Antonio.

Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

While an old garage door opener might most likely be controlled manually, you might also consider having one equipped with an automatic reversal that acts as a safety mechanism. Automatic reversal enhances two sensors fitted just six inches above the ground. When an object, a pet, toy, or child, is sensed while the door closes, it immediately stops and reverses its direction. This ensures that you, your family are your belongings are safe from getting damaged by the garage door.

If your garage opener is so noisy that it wakes the whole neighborhood while in operation, it is the right time for you to have it replaced. Installing garage door opener that works quietly instead of the old ones, made a lot of noise. Essential these old models used a chain drive system to operate and used a bicycle chain. However, this is outdated. You can consider replacing the garage door opener system with a belt drive that is quieter and more effective.

The age of your door opener is also a factor that you should consider when replacing a garage door opener. Old devices are normally very outdated and pose a danger to attacks by thieves. They usually operate on remotes fitted with fixed codes and can easily be broken into. To be on the safer side, it is important to consider replacing garage door opener which works using a rolling code feature that changes its password each time you use it. This will make it hard for thieves to have the code, boosting your security.

The source of power to your door opener is also a reason to consider when installing a garage door opener. If you are connected to the grid, you might experience inconveniences of power outages that often deny you the ability to operate your door opener. The best garage door opener now comes with battery backup systems that connect automatically if you lose electrical power. Having a continuous running system will give you the advantage of integrating Liftmaster 8165W into your garage opener, which will help you receive alerts on your smartphone. Liftmaster 8165W can be supported by standard doors and consume moderate power

Best Garage Door Service in San Antonio

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