C.H.I. Overhead Garage Doors Installation in San Antonio, TX

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Mojo Garage Door Repair, located in San Antonio, TX, recently installed two C.H.I. overhead garage doors for a customer. The customer was looking for an upgrade from their existing garage door and wanted to take advantage of the many benefits that come with utilizing a CHI Overhead Door. The result was an impressive transformation for both the aesthetics and functionality of the garage door. 

The initial garage door installation process began with Mojo Garage Door Repair technicians conducting a thorough inspection of the existing carriage garage door. After the inspection was completed, technicians carefully removed the existing door and readied it for installation of the new CHI door. Due to its superior construction, CHI Overhead Doors are built to last and provide maximum security when installed correctly. With that said, each step of installation had to be handled with precision in order to ensure proper functioning over time.

The new CHI model chosen by the customer was a 5217 mahogany model featuring Madison windows in the top row. This particular model offered an elegant look along with all of CHI's technological innovations such as their WindCode rating system (which is designed to protect against heavy winds), energy-efficiency technology, and adjustable bottom seals that allow you to control air circulation between your home and garage. In addition, this specific model also provided a wind-load reinforcement system which adds extra levels of protection against strong winds while also improving overall seal performance and helping reduce energy bills in the long run.

After the installation process was completed, there were some amazing before and after pictures that showed just how much difference these two CHI overhead doors had made on this particular property! Not only did they add an appealing aesthetic look but they also vastly improved security measures as well as insulation properties due to their innovative engineering features. 

All in all, Mojo Garage Door Repair delivered fantastic results on this San Antonio property by installing high quality CHI overhead garage doors from their extensive range available! From start to finish, Mojo Garage Door Repair provided excellent service for this project with knowledgeable technicians who ensured accurate installation methods that would enable optimal performance over time – which is exactly what makes them one of San Antonio's leading garage door service providers when it comes to garage door repair or replacement projects!

Reasons Why You Should Choose A CHI Overhead Door For Your Home

When selecting an overhead door, the three most essential factors to consider are its material composition, quality of craftsmanship and whether the maker will back it with service in case a malfunction or problem arises. For over four decades, C.H.I has been an innovator in the overhead industry and continues to set the standard for excellence today. They have continued to design and manufacture garage doors that are durable, secure, aesthetically pleasing, and also reliable. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a CHI Overhead Door for your home:

  • CHI overhead door is renowned for their use of premium materials to construct robust, durable products that surpass industry standards. While many other overhead door manufacturers opt for plastic bottom retainers as a weather seal on their doors, CHI uses aluminum instead - greatly reducing the chances of cracking or breaking.
  • Due to the fact that items tend to get damaged when handled by multiple people, companies often struggle with storage and warehousing of their finished products. CHI overhead door simplifies this process by immediately sending out its overhead doors directly from the manufacturing floor right into dealerships for quick installation in customers' homes. This way, you can be sure that your new purchase is fresh off the production line.
  • In recent years, CHI Overhead Doors has continuously shown an unparalleled commitment to their products and dealerships by organizing yearly conferences that discuss future trends in the industry as well as address current issues. In addition, they offer a full-fledged engineering and support department with the goal of resolving any issue that may arise when installing one of their overhead doors. With its exceptional services, it is no surprise why so many businesses rely on CHI for all their garage door needs. Ultimately, when you pay your dealer for the installation and proper functioning of the door, it is CHI who will be backing up their product in order to support their dealers.
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