Garage Door Safety Tips

The garage door, although a crucial part of any home, is a highly delicate system that requires handling only by professionals. Every year there are numerous reports across the united states of serious injuries, and even death, related to garage door systems. From being hit or trapped undeath a garage door, to injuries while attempting to replace springs.

In order to ensure your garage door system will work without any hassles or risks, it is important to perform regular maintenance on the garage door system, adjust the system for safety, and only get new installations and repairs by professional services.

Always remember, garage door openers is a finely tuned engine. It is not a toy or a child’s plaything, and as such all garage door remotes, transmitters, and accessories should always be placed in a safe location. The wall button should be mounted high and above the reach of children. In addition tot hat, never walk or stand underneath a moving door. In case where the garage door system is faulty, this may lead to serious injuries or even death.

In case someone is trapped underneath the systemm, always know where the emergency release is. Educate your children how to properly use the system in a safe manner in case of emergency. In addition, train or lock your pets away from the door to avoid additional risks.

One of the most important and dangerous aspects of the garage door is the moving system. It is vital that all residents of the house, and guests included, will know never to place their hand on the rails, tracks, springs, or any other moving part of the system. This can lead to serious injuries.

A regular maintenance schedule is important. The amount of maintenance and tune up requires differs based on usage and models. Our experts techs will inspect and tune up your system as needed. This is accomplished by testing the balance of the door, the torsion of the springs, testing the transmitters and sensors, lubrication, visual inspection, balance, and much more. As previously stated, only trained professionals should handle any garage door hardware as it is under high amount of torsion.

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair

Mojo Garage Doors understands the importance of the garage door in both access and security. When your garage door break down, you can’t be expected to wait for the next day in order to secure your residence. That is why Mojo Garage Doors offers 24/7 Emergency Garage Door services anywhere in San Antonio or its neighbouring cities!

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