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Did you know that the garage door opener is like the heart of your garage? Yes, if your garage opener is faulty and not working, not even the remote or the keyboard will help out. Obviously, in such scenarios, anyone will opt for a cheaper alternative. However, if all the fixes fail, you are entirely left with only one option - replacing garage door opener. After all, garage door openers are merely machines. They have an approximate lifespan and will eventually wear out or stop functioning as a result of normal use over time! We'll share a few tips on how to go about replacing your old one with something new.

When Is It Time to Change Your Garage Door Opener?

When garage doors are not opening appropriately, it doesn't always call for a replacement. Sometimes, it could result from drained remote batteries, or the door has disconnected for the opener.

Before you conclude that your gadget is dead, you need to understand that not every problem with your garage door is a result of a dead opener. You can always avoid the costly process of installing garage door opener by doing thorough troubleshooting on the entire framework. This could help figure out if the problem can be fixed or not.

The below-listed situations will show when your garage door opener is due for replacement.

1. The door won't open even after troubleshooting and fixes

2. When the garage door opener lifespan has expired

3. When the garage door opener's motherboard is dead

When doing the troubleshooting, please pay much attention to the following tips.

Play safe 

Safety is always the priority. Before anything else, make sure you have the power supply turned off. Some of the openers operate on high voltage. For instance, a gadget like the Liftmaster 8165W could electrocute you to severe conditions. 

Get an expert 

This is my favorite. There's always a reason why you should hire garage door experts in the field. Even when you feel you know everything about garage doors, there's always one or two aspects you will need an expert to chip in. For the best repair and installing garage door opener in Houston, Mojo Garage Doors is always available for your garage door needs. Contact us today and enjoy their quality and affordable services.

Always consider quality

This will apply when purchasing the best garage door opener. Always make sure you settle for the best. A Liftmaster 8165W will be a perfect example of a quality garage door opener.

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