Do you want to convert your double garage door into two single garage doors? Perhaps you have two single garages and would like them to become one big door. We can do both conversions, regardless of the type of garage door you want. At Mojo Garage Doors, we have the expertise to convert a two car garage door into one, as well as change or add a central garage pillar to make room for your new door. We'll share some of our knowledge about conversion below:

How To Convert Double Door to Two Single Garage Doors 

Converting one double door to two single doors includes a sequence of steps similar to a single to double garage door conversion:

  • Take measurements of your garage.
  • Choose two single garage doors to replace them.
  • Install a pillar between the two compartments to create a distinction.
  • Install two new single garage doors
  • Add the finishing touches.
  • Benefits of Single Two Car Garage Doors

    The benefits of converting one double garage door to single car garage door include:

    • Reduce your heating and air conditioning expenses: If you reside in a chilly region, two single garage doors can minimize the amount of cold air that enters the garage, lowering your heating costs. Two separate doors may also prevent humidity from entering your garage, lowering your air conditioning costs significantly.
    • Have a backup solution in place in case something goes wrong: If you choose two single doors, you'll be able to free one of your vehicles from the garage if something goes wrong, such as a torsion spring failure.
    • Enhance the look of your house: While some homeowners prefer a double garage door's simple design, others feel that two single door garage offer a better aesthetic fit.

    Let us convert your single garage door to a double

    If you live in or operate a business in San Antonio, TX area or its neighboring areas and need to replace your double or single garage door, contact Mojo Garage Doors. We specialize in garage door installation and conversions for any type of door.

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