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How to prepare your garage door for a hurricane

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, then it’s important to take steps to protect your garage door from the storm. Despite being one of the most sturdy parts of your home, a garage door can still be damaged in a hurricane. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to prepare your garage door for a hurricane and minimize the chances of it being damaged during the storm. Stay safe, everyone!

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What is the difference between tropical storms and hurricanes? What kind of damage can they do?


Hurricane Satellite View

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale is used by meteorologists to classify hurricanes into five categories based on their wind speeds. A tropical storm will not become a hurricane until it reaches 74 mph. 

  1. Category 1: A Category 1 hurricane has wind speeds between 74 and 95 mph which can do some damage such as snapping branches or toppling power lines with the potential risk of compromising roofs if it hits too hard against them.
  2. Category 2: The destruction caused by a category 2 hurricane is much more limited than that of an upper-level storm, but it can still do extensive damage. Winds are hazardous and may Uproot trees or bring down roofs in their path.
  3. Category 3: Category 3 hurricanes have wind speeds between 111 and 129 miles per hour. The force of these severe storms can cause devastating damage including removing roofs from homes, snapping or uprooting trees in their path as well prolonged power outages that could last for days.
  4. Category 4:The most powerful hurricanes are Cat 4 hurricanes. These tropical cyclones can reach speeds of up to 130 mph to 156 miles per hour and cause devastating damage when they hit land, including ripping apart roofs or walls, snapping tree branches off in a showering hail storm – all while knocking out power for weeks at a time if not months!
  5. Category 5: The effects of a Category 5 hurricane are devastating. The powerful winds can cause extensive damage, including the destroyed homes and businesses as well as ripping up trees that block streets after storms pass through town liable for power outages lasting weeks or months.

When a 300-mile wide hurricane strikes, your garage may be at risk. In most homes, the largest opening is in this room with two or three vehicles inside–a place that contains thousands of cubic feet worth of steel-reinforced doors and windows against pressure from winds which can quickly blow them open if they’re not sturdy enough for their task! 

The force of winds howling through a garage can cause it to collapse or blow up into the air. Flooding from storm waters filling your driveway could ruin any possessions you have in there, and if the foundation is breached due to water reaching critical levels inside an already weakened structure – like our homes- then we’re looking at serious structural damages that may take months/years before they are resolved!

How to Secure a Garage Door Against a Hurricane

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When disaster strikes, you want to be prepared. Here are a few steps that will help secure your garage door in preparation for any storm or hurricane coming through!


When a major storm strikes, garage doors made of flimsier materials will likely be destroyed.

Fiberglass or lightweight sheet metal are often used in the design process because they’re easy to raise and lower but these types cannot withstand strong winds without special protection. 

The best way to protect your garage door during a hurricane is with braces. They help strengthen the structure, preventing it from being susceptible and liable for destruction due to adverse weather conditions like strong winds or rainstorms which might cause structural damages if not properly protected by these devices.

If you have an old, lightweight garage door that can probably sustain some damage from storms even with braces attached to it then consider getting new doors instead of fixing this problem.


If you’re looking for a new garage door, consider getting one that can withstand high winds. Gale-force breezes put pressure on any hinges or panels in the frame and rack up quite an impressive number of pounds when hitting them with 130 mph gusts! A strong wind-resistant design will keep your home safe from these types of forces while also keeping its inhabitants comfortable during inclement weather season.


Impact doors can withstand the force of common airborne debris along with high winds. If you live in a coastal area where hurricanes tend to strike, this is especially important for your garage’s protection (and thus forth its stability). An ideal Garage Door professional will help find out what kind would best suit not just yourself but also strong winds that may come through at any time!

How to Prepare a Garage Before a Storm

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Hurricane preparedness for your garage is essential to giving it the protection it needs. The first step you’ll need to take is to cover large openings in its walls, close down any windows if there are ones that can be closed off with plywood or other materials; make sure mounting areas and tracks of the door hold tightly when pressed shut so they don’t give way during strong winds!


To protect your garage from hail damage, you should clear away any debris around the outside of it. Flying particles could cause major structural harm if they are thrown at just the right angle during strong storms like this one! Be sure to move anything nearby that might become a projectile– trash can lids and kids’ toys among others-to an area protected by boarded windows.


Clear away any obstacles from the path of your garage door so it can do its job properly. Tree limbs are heavy and extend gracefully into thin air; they could become missiles if left unchecked, tearing holes in walls or doors for wind rain stormwater to come crashing through! Even smaller pieces like shrubs may damage something when thrown with speed at high speeds–preventative measures must be taken before damages occur.


When it comes to providing adequate drainage for your garage, you probably don’t think of the first place that comes into mind. However proper garages need this vital ingredient in order not to have standing water which can lead them to vulnerability and cause significant damage or even inviting waterproofing issues with potential mold growth because there’s no way out except through these tiny cracks! Consider installing a French drain if storm gutters back up causing puddles on their own accord.


You can provide hurricane safety for your garage door by making sure it receives the necessary service. Most garages require a little maintenance every year — replacing worn components of their mounting area and tracks, for instance—to keep you safe in any weather-related surprises that may come along!


Sealing cracks in your garage before the storm hits can prevent major flooding and damage. Even tiny breaches, like those between walls or door-to-wall connections, should be sealed with caulk to keep water out of these key areas so you don’t have any costly repairs after a natural disaster has passed. A few inches might not seem like much but it’s enough for $26000 worth of damages!


Keeping your garage from flooding is an as easy and inexpensive solution to protecting it against stormwater. You can use bags of sand which will keep water out by filling any gaps in the bottom, or you could even line both sides with them so there’s no room left for rainwater entry!

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