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Garage Door Maintenance Services in San Antonio,

Unlike home garage doors that are seldom opened and closed, a factory garage door is more often used. It is opened and completed multiple times a day. If you wonder when the right time to service a factory garage door is, here are a few signs that will tell you that it is time to service your garage. It is strange but true that a garage used regularly requires more minor servicing than a seldom-used garage. This is because when you open a garage door regularly, it keeps the leavers greased, and if the doors are kept closed for a long time, then there are chances that you might have to call Commercial Garage Door Services in San Antonio, TX to get your garage back in shape. 

3 Signs that tell you that your garage door needs to be serviced

  • Your garage door is stuck – There are situations when you will see that the door is not opening smoothly, or you may feel the door is stuck. It is advised not to open the garage door; instead, give Garage Door Maintenance Services in San Antonio, TX a call. Some professionals are just a phone call away from you. They check the doors and then use appliances to open them instead of opening them with bare hands.

  • Your garage door is opening halfway – You might have noticed there are times when we see the garage door opener just halfway. Despite repeated trials, the door does not open fully. A halfway garage door can cause hindrance in your way while you are trying to park your car in the garage. There are chances that you might end up scratching or denting the vehicle while taking it out through a half-opened garage door. This is where Garage Door Maintenance Services in San Antonio, TX, play an essential role.

  • The door is not responding despite the motor running – If you had spent a hefty amount to convert your garage door into an automated entry, but now you see the door is not opening despite the motor running, it is time to give Commercial Garage Door Services in San Antonio, TXa call

MoJo Garage Doors are at your doorstep.

Mojo Garage Door Repair Houston is a company that specializes in garage door repairs and installation. It has been around for over ten years; we have serviced more than 10,000 homes in the greater San Antonio area. We are committed to providing excellent customer service with an experienced staff of technicians who can handle any garage door challenge you might have.